Sharpening Services

MQSHARP offers a full range of sharpening services for industry, contractors, woodworkers, plumbers, electricians, farms, home and garden. Services include sharpening of band mill blades, carbide circular saws, chipper and planer knives and much more.

Band Mill Blade Sharpening

Suffolk Saw of New England is a division of MQSHARP and uses the same facility in Belmont, NH. Suffolk saw of New England sell and services Timber Wolf Band Saw Blades. Band mill blades of any manufacturer are sharpened with state of the art, oil cooled, CBN sharpeners. Band saw blades from 1/8 to 2 inch wide are welded to length in our shop. Learn more here

Carbide Circular Saw Blade Sharpening

MQSHARP utilizes the Unimax 750 automatic saw grinder to sharpen carbide circle saws. It features a 30″ capacity, flood coolant, lift off grinding using 400 grit diamond wheels. Carbide Grinding Services also include sharpening of router bits, shaper cutters, hole saws and jointer and planer knives.

Chipper and Planer Knives Sharpening

MQSHARP utilizes the MVM PX 1000 automatic grinder. It features a 39″ capacity, electromagnetic chuck and flood coolant.

Chain Saw Sharpening

MQSHARP uses the Franzen Automatic chain saw sharpener. Probably the best on the market. Providing accurate and repeatable grinds on cutters and rakers for a perfect chain every time.